Monitors the current speed of networks on 64-bit systems


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  • Version 2.5.4
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  • Works under: Windows Vista
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  • Program by Floriangilles

As our world continues to dive deeper into the digital space, Net Speed Monitor offers an essential toolset to monitor and record connection speeds. Consistent monitoring of internet connection speed is essential for a myriad of reasons, but the most important of these reasons is to ensure your internet service provider is meeting the connection speeds they advertised. The majority of internet providers advertise specific connection speed ranges to attract customers. While it’s their responsibility to ensure these speeds are accurate, it’s unfortunately not uncommon to experience significantly slower connections than what was advertised. Net Speed Monitor is an essential tool for Windows users to not only view current connection speeds, but also to create an archive of daily, weekly and monthly connection rates.

Knowledge is Power

If you feel your internet connection is sluggish it’s imperative to create and maintain a record of connection speed to show your internet provider. Without this information it can be difficult to convince the service provider of your ongoing connection issues. While there are many internet speed monitors available for Windows users, few offer the straightforward interface and user-friendly tools as Net Speed Monitor.

This program is designed to not only provide users with current connection speeds, but also showcase a variety of other statistics. Along with connection speed monitoring, this lightweight application can also show overall network status, number of data packets sent and received as well as detailed information about current network traffic. All of these datasets are valuable for every internet user to understand, especially if your connection is consistently experiencing slower-than-advertised performance.

Installing Net Speed Monitor is a straightforward and simplistic process. It’s important to note that this application only works on Windows 7 and newer operating systems. Once installed, you’ll restart your computer and then the fun begins. As a standalone application, you can open its interface and explore its various tools and settings; however, Net Speed Monitor may also be continuously ran and observed in the taskbar area of your screen. This is a unique feature gives you near-instant access to current internet speeds, network traffic and data transfer information.

Whether you’re looking for a streamlined way to actively monitor connection speeds or if you simply desire greater visibility into how your computer interacts with the network, Net Speed Monitor is an ideal solution for both business and casual users.


  • Free and lightweight Windows application
  • Monitors connection speed, data transfer and network traffic statistics
  • Archives information to ensure service providers meet their connection speed agreement


  • Doesn’t work on older operating systems
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